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Gas Engines

Bergen Engines

  • «Rolls-Royce BERGEN» produces powerful and reliable medium-speed gas piston engines, with increased power generation and reduced specific fuel consumption. Combination of high performance, reliability and economy with low operating costs makes it a great engine for a wide range of industrial and power generation applications.
  • Power Range is from 3,9 to 9,4 MW. Configuration for 6- and 9-cylinder engines — row type, for 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder engines V-type.
  • The up-to-date innovations used to produce machines. The latest manufacturing technologies allow extending functionality of generator sets.
  • New type of crankshaft allows achieving a higher compression ratio, significantly increases engine life cycle and long load tolerance that provides a large scope of applications.
  • Performance control of cylinders, pistons and rings ensures lowestlube oil consumption and low cylinder wearing.
  • A rich history of engines production allows use of «Rolls-Royce BERGEN» machines as prime, stand-by and emergency sources.
  • Integrated power solutions allow providing engines with various applications, including use as mechanical drives, power generation, combined application, including cogeneration plants.
  • «Rolls-Royce BERGEN» has a rich experience of mechanical systems design, including fuel systems, fuel storage and fuel preparation systems, cooling systems and heat boilers.

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